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DISCLAIMER: This In Brief section offers a series of business, real estate, employment, estate planning and tax bulletins prepared by the attorneys at Fauver, Large, Archbald & Spray, LLP. This is not exhaustive, nor is it legal advice. You should discuss your particular situation with us or with your own attorney. Our legal representation is only undertaken through a written engagement letter and not by the distribution or use of this information.

Q: “How do I legally secure my startup?

A startup is a newly-established business that is currently in its first stages of operation. It is becoming increasingly common for startups to emerge as more people decide to become entrepreneurs. However, business owners must take important steps to ensure the success of their startup, such as creating legal documents, securing data, creating privacy policies and more. 

Fauver, Large, Archbald & Spray offers extensive legal advising in developing startups. Our experience include: 

  • Polymer technology company for blast walls and other applications
  • Accounting internet company
  • All-terrain (extreme-terrain) vehicle with consulting and confidentiality agreements; military application; license of patent technology and trademarks
  • Stereo and other audio-related equipment, with business relationship with established company based in Mexico
  • Hair care products and salon venture with copyrights, trademarks and service marks with licensing and contracting through aligned companies
  • Beauty, food, and bath products, with name and trademark licensing, product development agreements and companion non-profit corporation
  • Software for analysis of vehicle safety/overlay of TV program
  • Business and management consultation
  • Acquisition of New Zealand school, from Dutch company; formation of licensing, financing, nonprofit and profit corporations
  • Software for personal budgeting/web based application
  • Educational ventures: profit and non-profit

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