Santa Barbara County is noteworthy for the diversity of its industries – from agricultural, entertainment, and environmental businesses to banking, software, and engineering firms…and everything in between. Fauver, Large, Archbald & Spray LLP not only grasps the essence of each of these fields, our attorneys fully understand their clients’ particular business niches and strategic objectives.

Fauver, Large, Archbald & Spray LLP has effectively represented clients in the industries listed below.


Farmers; Flower Companies; Growers; Landscaping; Processing; Ranches; Research and Development; E-Commerce; Certifications

Beer, Wine and Spirits


Commercial; Leasehold; Liens; Litigation; Residential


Wind; Solar; Tax Credits; Governmental; Oil and Gas


Policy Entertainment Artists; Film; Music; Radio; Personalities; Publishing; Writers; TV

Financial and Offerings

Securities Brokerages; Private Offerings; Banks; Credit Unions; Financial Advisors

Food Service

Fast Food; Restaurants; Specialty Food Productions; Suppliers

Governmental Permitting; Land Use

Approvals; Licenses; Regulatory Compliance

Health, Medicinals and Pharmacies

Flower Essences; Herbs and Plant Medicine; Specialty Fruits and Berries (Pomegranates, Coffee, Cherries, etc.) Ayurvedic Remedies

Homeowners Associations, Manufacturers & Fabricators

All Terrain Vehicles; Cabinetry; Flower Essences; Food; Hair and Skin Products; Hardware; Health Products; Heavy Vehicles; Licensing; Software; Tools and Tooling; Toys

Non-Profit Associations and Organizations

501(c), 501(d) and 501(f) Organizations; Private Foundations; Safety Research; Education, Schools, Parent Groups; Social and Peace Groups; Local and International Humanitarian Aid; Trade Groups; Sports Leagues; Mutual Benefit Business Leagues; Homeowner and Commercial Associations; Land Trusts

Professional Services

Accountants; Attorneys; Architects; Engineers; Event Planners; Medical Centers;
Personnel Services; Physicians; Realtors; Surgeons; Surveyors; Temporary Services; Graphic Designers; Optometrists; Mobile Notaries; Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Real Estate and Land Use

Acquisitions and Sales; Commercial and Residential; Developers; Exchanges; Equity Sharing; Escrow Companies and Agents; Lot Lines; Subdivisions; Syndications; Ventures; Vineyards and Wineries; Work-outs; Zoning

Reorganization and Restructuring

Debt; Entity; Stock


Antiques; Clothing; Copy; Events and Weddings; Food; Furniture; Hair and Skin Products; Household Goods; Salons; Wineries; UPS Stores; Geriatric Home Care; Art Galleries


Parent Organizations; Private Schools; Student Organizations; Teachers


Start-up to Implementation; E-commerce; Web Sites; Copyrights; Trademarks; Service Marks; Trade Secret Agreements

Trusts & Estates

Charitable Trusts/Organizations; Conservatorships; Corporate Fiduciary Trustees; Family and Private Trustees; Grandchildren’s Education Trusts; Guardianships and Special Needs Trust for Disabled Minors; Life Insurance Trusts; Probates; Qualified Personal Residence Trusts; Spousal Property Petitions; Trust Administrations; Will/Trust Contests

Vehicles, Vehicle Safety & Testing

Heavy Vehicles; Safety Experts; Testimony

Venture Groups

1031 Exchanges; Series A Financing; Private and Public Ventures; Mergers; Institutional and Private Funding; Workouts