When Fauver, Large, Archbald & Spray, LLP, designed their office space they aimed to create a healthy, beautiful and efficient environment.  Their main office area includes a reception counter made from Paper Stone and other sustainable materials.  Throughout the office building materials include organic cotton, sustainably harvested wood products, bamboo and linoleum flooring.  Natural light fills the space.  What you don’t immediately see is also impressive – organic food and fair trade coffee are provided in the break room and for meetings, zero-VOC and low odor paints used for office walls, non-toxic cleaning supplies, and recycled-content office supplies.  In the area of energy efficiency, staff have significantly reduced the need for using the air conditioning system by opening windows to allow natural cooling.  They have worked with their landlord to eliminate use of the main building boiler during the summer when heating the offices is not needed.  Food scraps are collected for composting at a local organic farm.  Employees participate in a ridesharing program, and biking and walking to work is encouraged.

Green Business Certified - Santa Barbara County