Project Description

It seems so logical – shouldn’t renters be able to use their timely rent payments to build a positive credit history? Until now, the only way to build credit has been by accumulating debt. As is common with tech startups, a few people wanted to find a solution to a common problem and, with the leadership of RentTrack CEO, Matt Briggs, and CTO Darryl Eaton, RentTrack pioneered a new industry. They did this by being the first to build relationships with the three major credit bureaus in order to report rent payments. Today, landlords can use RentTrack to accept rent or RentTrack will make a direct deposit or mail a check to a landlord.

Our team saw the success of Matt and Darryl’s idea early on and knew they would need a corporate structure and employment policy that would accommodate rapid growth. FLAS Partners, Trevor Large, and Michael Fauver advised the team on solid legal strategies that were critical to allowing RentTrack to flourish. When it comes to revolutionary ideas, RentTrack gets all the credit.

Story Info
ClientMatt Briggs and Darryl Eaton
Attorney:Trevor Large and Michael Fauver